Meet Lindsay


Hey Hey!

I’m Lindsay!

I’m a co-business owner of a fitness studio called AMP Fitness in Boston.  My husband and I are co-owners and I couldn’t have asked for better business partner.  I’m passionate as F**k about living a life in service of others and my family, all the while being jazzed about my creative outlets.

I want to make impactful choices for my health and the health of my family. I plan to be silly into old age, use colorful words and continue to regularly change the color of my hair to keep others on their toes.

About The Bergeron Family

I met Steve in college at Bridgewater State University.  He keeps me on my toes, challenges me and loves me more than I knew was possible.


We married in 2013 and started AMP Fitness in the same year!  I taught preschool and coached high school athletes for years leading up to jumping on board with the business.  It was the best choice I have ever made, besides saying yes to marrying my new business partner!

amp fitness

Owning a brick and mortar business is not easy.  And doing it in one the most costly cities in America?  Well, it’s been a wild ride. I have grown in ways that blow my mind, but they have shaped me and pushed me into my own business adventures.  

I am also the coach behind the nutrition programs at AMP and have stepped out on my own with Beautycounter.  I am passionate about making choices that keep me and my family healthy and safe, but it breaks my heart that this information to nontoxic living and healthy living in general is so hard to come by.


In 2018 our little nugget Liam joined the family and it only fueled my fire to know and learn more about healthy choices and also share it with others.  Liam has been the best part of my whole life. I hope he always smiles with his whole face and emanates joy from each muscle in his body.

baby liam

I’ve started and ended many blogs in the past but they all quickly became all work and no passion.    It was hard to create the right platform form and I had trouble finding my voice, but I feel I have hit my stride in things that I give a sh*t about and want to learn more and more.  I’m excited you’re along for the ride!