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5 Min Face to Rock Your Day

5 Min Face to Rock Your Day

I’ve made it my mission to take back the word “Lazy” and repurpose it in a positive way. That’s because I am LAZY. I like the straightest line from A to B. Not because of efficiency, but because I truly don’t want to do any more work than is needed to function. So let me introduce my “Lazy 5 min Face” routine that helps me kick butt take names, feel my best and NOT spend an hour in the bathroom.

5 min face

Dew Skin from Beautycounter allows me to use a light coverage with sunscreen built in and gives me that dewy glow that I want. I have very dry skin postpartum and need all the dewy-ness I can get. My skin instantly feels better with it on and I don’t worry about it transferring when my son gives me kisses. Thrive mascara is my favorite of the moment. The company provided a great safe product at the same time giving back with every purchase made. Want to snag $10 off Thrive cosmetics for yourself? <—-Click HERE

I always thought that bronzer was silly. Till I used it. It gives a touch of natural glowy-ness that you know I love!

make up

A Little color on my cheeks, eyes and lips is all I need and on most days I keep it simple with neutrals and touch of gloss. The Neutrals Eye Shadow Pallet form Beautycounter allows me to play it up or down, with their wide range of colors. I don’t have to have a huge selection of eye shadow containers, I have it all in one! This Blush in color Guava will last me FOREVER and it’s perfect for spring! I’m a huge fan of chapsticks. I have them in everybag, pocket, in the car on the nightstand. My whole stocking was full of chapsticks. (My husband knows me well) . So this Lipsheer from Beautycounter is the BOMB.COM and gives me some color while feeling just like chapstick. LOVE!


This look takes me less than 5 min to put on and I’m out the door or more likely on the floor with my son. Make up and skincare should bring something to your life instead of take away time from loved ones and what you really like to do. Investing in a few staples that help you feel your best and you know are safe products for not only you but those little hands that might be reaching up at you for a kiss.

The make up and skincare industry is highly unregulated in the US. There are thousands of harmful chemicals that allow in your products. I choose to research and invest my money in companies that are working hard to get safe products on the market invest in 3rd party testing to hold themselves accountable and put money into research and lobbying to pressure the rest of the industry to do the same.

Have questions on any of the above products or want to see more content like this? Let me know below!

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