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Welcome to my blog! I choose to share stories, experiences and education that helps me live my best life. Perhaps you find something here that helps you live your best life.


EPIC 1 year Birthday

EPIC 1 year Birthday

This past weekend we celebrated 1 year of keeping a small human alive. Go us! There were a few things that really made this year the best it could be. We were blessed with an insanely great kid and I thank my lucky stars that I get to be his momma.

The things below helped ME be the mom that I wanted to be. I am in NO WAY saying this is the right way to do things or these are things that you should do. Every parenting journey is different and we all find our way. But I enjoyed learning from others and taking the information that felt right in the moment.

I said NO to Mom Groups and YES to One-on-one Mom Time


I wanted……..NEEDED to connect with other mommas. I needed to feel that connection to others in my mom boat. That being said I couldn’t handle strict times that I needed to be somewhere. Mom groups starting at the prime nap time drove me batty. I will move mountains to avoid messing up my kids nap time.

To ensure I connected with other moms I picked them off one by one. Grabbed lunch, coffee, went for a walk, folded laundry with some. Large groups drain me and I needed all the energy stores I had for the little human I was keep ing alive.

One on one time allowed me to connect, learn and grow with others in my mom boat, but if i needed to bail or adjust the time frame, they understood and allowed the flexibility.

I Pumped and Stopped Breastfeeding

It was hard. I still look back and feel I could have worked harder, done more to keep our breastfeeding journey going. Just today I was at the library and saw a mom snuggle up in the corner with her new babe and wipe out the boobs for a lovely breastfeeding sesh. She looked so happy and content that it made me long for it again.

But I made the right choice for me. That didn’t mean it was an easy choice. I needed to pump on my terms at times that worked for me. I was able to (sort of) live my life without feeling tied to our son.

Do what you need to do to be your best self. Be kind and forgiving. It’s ok to miss it and want to do it, but know it’s not the best choice for you and baby.

I Had ZERO Expectations of My Fitness Level

fitness prego

I own a fitness studio. I’m a coach that helps others on their fitness journey. I know the importance of movement and strength. Yet, I didn’t GAF.

Every spare moment I had I was pumping. My joints still gave me a hard time with certain movements and I was tired AF. Not that I needed an excuse, but I had plenty!

When I was done pumping my energy and mindset were in a totally different place. I was ready and my body felt ready.


Being a mom is completely individual and these are the top actions that help ME. Please give yourself grace to make the decision YOU need to be your best self. Our babies need us to do this.

I say this year was easy, but that it ONLY because of the support and help we received this year. Thank you to each one of you in out life! We are lucky to have you!

Making a Change

Making a Change

5 Min Face to Rock Your Day

5 Min Face to Rock Your Day