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Making a Change

Making a Change


I used to spend all my money on “better” products. The natural and organic labels sucked me in like a silly moth to a flame. I had the drive but without the knowledge to make the right choices.

Years later, I had given up the fight. Now I had the funds to support change but no drive. I started using the mantra:

Everything gives us cancer nowadays!”

Have you heard this saying?

I can see the truth to this statement and I have felt the weight of it. I had given up and was resorting to eating the best I could but using the cheapest products I could get because if I couldn’t make safe choices I would at least save money!

By doing this I had filled my house with products that I knew weren’t safe choices. I was afraid to check them out and investigate how unsafe they really were. I had found Environmental Working Group at this point. But I was too afraid to look! I didn’t want to know!

But you know what….sticking my head in the sand didn’t make it better AND didn’t help me make safer choices!


Let’s do it together. This is how you can start making safer choices today:

Let’s take a deep breath, and pick 3 items from your home.

  • 1 is a skincare product (shampoo, lotion, face wash…)

  • 1 is a make up product (I you don’t use makeup replace this with a 2nd skincare product)

  • 1 is a cleaning product


  • These items HAVE to be items that you use regularly.

  • You need to be willing to part with them if needed.

How to:

  • Plug in item into OR you can google it for a more direct answer. (example: “Suave deodorant EWG” )

  • If the product score a 5 or above, that item will be replaced. '

  • Take products to the trash or recycling bin and remove it from the home.

  • Take a deep breath because now comes the fun part! You get to find a replacement! Use EWG website to find items that you like better! Remember it doesn’t need to have a perfect score, this is about finding “SAFER” products not “PERFECT” products.

Why is method works?

  • It allows you to make small changes so you don’t become overwhelmed and paralyzed and do nothing.

  • You get to budget! Every couple months repeat the steps with 3 more items in the home. That way you know that you’ll need to allocate a small budget to the new items. This feels WAY better than throwing out alllllll the products you have and having to fork over money to replace the whole lot.

  • Research for safer products can be draining. You suddenly come to realize the gravity of the situation you were in. The guilt is strong when you realize what products your kids have been using that YOU bought for them. I know I personally beat myself up knowing that I had been using DREFT products on my newborn, and it was a huge culprit for skin irritation. ON MY NEWBORN! That was a doozy!

  • Small changes lead to big changes. It is possible to pick safer products that without breaking the bank or your spirit. If you take the jump and start using this method I’d LOVE to see it! Tag me on Instagram: StrengthDespiteSize

You got this!

Hugs and High-Fives,


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