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Favorite Foods for Baby Led Weening

Favorite Foods for Baby Led Weening


Starting to feed your little one food not found in a bottle is both exciting, scary and sad. They are just that much older and further away from the tiny little baby you brought home. Yet, watching them grow and learn new skills is fascinating.

I struggled with where to start when feeding our son his first foods. There is conflicting information about where and how to start.


I chose to start with oatmeal, purees and placing food items such as avocado and banana on his tray to help develop the fine motor skills to bring food to his mouth.

I learned quickly that a baby will learn at their own pace, and they will be ready when THEY choose to. Here is where I started with foods for our son and tools that helped me feel more confident.


Life Vac - the scariest thing about having a child learning to eat food is the gagging and choking. It’s all part of learning but you pay attention to evry noise they make to ensure that it’s truely just a gag and not a full on choking episode. The Life Vac helped me feel more confident in these situations. I have never had to use it, but I know that if the hymlic didn’t work then I’d have another option.

small containers - small Tupperware to store small amounts of cut up food. It allow me to prep food for our son but only in smaller amounts to ensure nothing sits for too long with a potential to go bad, and it’s ready when he’s hungry doesn’t leave me scrambling to get his food ready and cut up.


  • oranges

  • cucumbers

  • avocado

  • banana

  • butternut squash

  • sweet potatoes

  • tofu

  • rice

  • black beans

You got this! Remember the kid is in the drivers seat and will struggle or hate something one day and then nail a skill and love that food the next. Flexibility is the name of the game!

Hugs and High-Fives,


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