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Wash Your Face

Wash Your Face

In my 20’s I often fell asleep with makeup on, rolled out of bed and ran out the door without so much as glancing in the mirror. I was and still am snobby about my shower time.  The water needs to be so hot it melts my skin and the water pressure needs to knock me off my feet for me to want to take the time to shower.

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Don’t get me started on washing my hair.  That sh*t takes forever.

Needless to say I valued efficiency over doing what my skin needed to look it’s best.  My skin showed signs of dryer skin, malasma and sun damage, it showed the dark circles from late night up with our newborn.  My laugh lines are becoming more and more noticeable.


I didn’t realize how delicate the skin on my face was.  I poked and prodded it and subjected it rough scrubbing and harsh chemicals over the years.  

In recent years I have developed a routine of products to help bring life back into my skin.  To give it love and care so it’ll feel good for years to come. To me, looking good is great. Looking more youthful and diminishing the signs of sun damage and aiding my tired eyes is wonderful, but it’s more about how my skin feels that I crave most.

Now I choose to spend time getting my face ready for bed or to greet the day.  

Tips for better skin overnight!


My evening routine starts with a big glass of water.  I bring this with me into the bathroom as I do my evening routine and try to drink it all before I’m done in the bathroom.  I then refill it for my nightstand for the evening. Over the course of a day we lose the most amount of water as we sleep, due to how we breath, elevated body temperatures causing us to sweat and we often get up to pee without replenishing the water over the course of the evening.

So give yourself a boost of hydration before falling asleep and when you get up to pee during the night swig some back to replenish!

Wash that make up off

I’ve done it too.  I’ve walked right past the bathroom, barely taking off my work clothes and curled up in bed.  When I was pregnant I gave up on makeup altogether because I was too tired to bother with a face routine at night.

Over the course of a day you touch your face, your kids and partners touch your face.  Food and products come in contact with the delicate skin of that beautiful mug of yours.  Not to mention everyday pollutants that are in the air around you.  

Do yourself a solid and wash that all off especially if you have makeup on!  Because makeup will dry out your face even more overnight, not to mention clog doors and age that skin faster!

My evening cleaning routine is Beautycounter’s Cleansing Balm most nights. If I want an extra clean I’ll double cleanse with the Charcoal Bar. Follow that up with a moisturizer and I’m good to go!


I used to think less was better for skincare.  After I had my son I resorted to removing all products and JUST using water to wash my face with.  Needless to say that went sideways REAL quick. Warm water drys out our skin more than cold water, then my skin would dry out more over night, and then more warm water in the morning …..well you see what’s happening here.  My skin got angry fast.

I would often feel that my skin was itchy from dryness or it would be flaky because it was done with life.

Come to find out by ADDING moisture before bed like Beautycounter's Rejuvenating Night Cream helps to retain moisture overnight.  So I would wake up with my skin feel refreshed instead of like the the Sahara Desert.


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