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Loyalty to Ourselves

Loyalty to Ourselves

I have found through trial and error companies that I can trust and products that I love. That doesn’t mean our love affair will be forever.

The one big lesson I have learned from researching companies and their ingredients is that I need to stay aware and keep looking and asking questions.  

I have found many shampoo companies that I have loved.  Their ingredients are minimal and doesn’t pose a risk to my health.  However, I have had these same companies bought and sold to larger companies that care more for the bottom line than the safety of the consumer.

And WHAM just like that the product is using other ingredients, the packaging changes and the effectiveness of the product seems to change.  All of these things happen so quietly that we as consumers barely notice that changes.

Brand loyalty then comes into play here.  Humans are loyal consumers and we will buy the same repeated product over and over, sometimes even when we no longer like it OR need it!

I am not here to shame companies. I’m here to say open your eyes and be aware that this happens.  Small companies get big and investor or outright sale happen that change the dynamic of the companies we love.  

You don’t owe a company anything. In fact they work for you and owe YOU a trustworthy product.  

  • Be open to new products.  When that shampoo isn’t working for you anything, venture out!  There are so many great choices out there!

  • Ask questions, dig deeper into products you put on your body everyday.

  • When brands “rebrand”  (packaging changes, logo changes) these are key indicators of change in the company.  You did your research in them originally, take another look to see if you still agree with the company's practices and ingredients.

By putting our money in companies that  care about us we are taking a stand against those that take our trust for a ride and use harmful ingredients just to make a better profit.  

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