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Dear, Younger Me

Dear, Younger Me

I often look back to when I was just starting out on my own.  I bought my own groceries, I lived away from my parents, I paid my own bills and went to work.  How grown up of me!

Truth be told I was working for a non profit, and lived with 5 other people.  I surely paid my bills but barely had anything left over.

I was always aware that I needed to make smart choices in my food and things I put in and on my body, but to do so I needed time to research and money to spend.  There weren’t a ton of companies back then that really cared about the products and the safety of the consumer. The information on harmful ingredients and products wasn’t as readily available as they are now.  I had to trust a company when they told me how “organic” “non-toxic” and “healthy” it was. Come to find out a lot of it was BS.

I chose to spend my money deliberately on produce instead of processed foods, pricer lotions and shampoos because I felt they were of better quality.  And surely a better company wouldn’t put their profit above my safety?!

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Not only was I wrong but it set up a path of debt that would follow me for years.  

Realizing my financial state I ended up throwing the towel and paying for the most cost effective products.  It made my cringe every time I pick one up off the shelf knowing that I was voluntarily doing damage to myself, but I rationalized as long as I’m eating good food then whatever goes on my skin doesn’t matter.  I could only do so much with the income that I had.

It took years to get out of debt, to find a path in life to provided more income, less stress and better and healthier living environment.  


Steve and I worked together to get out of debt that we both had accumulated over the years, over time I learned of more companies that don’t charge ridiculous prices AND they worked AND they were safe for me.  


If you too KNOW you want to make choices for better products, but struggle with financial burdens that deter you from doing so, then let me say, I see you.  I know you want to do better for you and for your family. We are not all in a place that allow us to make any choice we want. However keep this in mind:

It doesn’t have to happen all at once….

If you want to make better choices in food make one small change.  

Leave the soda on the shelf.

Pick up one extra produce item (a new fruit or veggie out the ordinary)

Just this one time, don’t walk down the snack isle, and perhaps maybe next time you wont either

If you want to make safe choices in your cleaning products to keep your family safe

Instead of buying Clorex wipes, you pick up Seventh Generation wipes instead

When picking up new detergent you choose Seventh Generation and leave Tide on the self

Bit by bit you can make a safer home for you and your family without sacrificing your financial stability.

Hugs and High-Fives,


Artichoke Chicken

Artichoke Chicken